June-uary Paddle Boarding on Lake Tahoe!

October 16, 2015

Las year on January 5th I was skiing bottomless powder behind my house here in Alpine Meadows and it had already snowed 23 feet!

Enjoying the June-uary sunny day!

I love how calm and clear Lake Tahoe is in the winter…

It was an amazing paddle and it was so nice to have a little taste of summer right in the middle of the winter and in the middle of my competition season! Every time I come back to Tahoe and spend some time in the mountains I feel envigorated and alive and re-freshed which is exactly what I need to get me fired up for the next trip with the US ski Team.  This next trip is a big one.  I leave Saturday and will be headed to Wengen, Switzerland.  Then it is off to Kitzbuhel Austria, Chamonix France, Garmisch Germany, Sochi Russia, Kvitfjell Norway, Quebec Canada, and then back to Tahoe again on March 22nd! I am 100% confident that we will have snow.  For good measure and to make sure of that we decided to jump in the lake!!!!!

Hiking, Ice Skating, a little skiing (which was actually better than expected) and spending time with friends and family.  Its weird being home at the beginning of January with no snow on the ground, but Tahoe is such an amazing place that there is always something really fun to do! Troy Caldwell was nice enough to go on a hike with us through his property at White Wolf, and the skating was awesome! Then today, I went paddle boarding on Tahoe and even went for a swim! Check back later for those photos!

Jet lag was nice enough to wake me up early enough in the morning to witness this! These photos have no editing done to them! It actually looked like that.

It is so nice to be home for a little break and to celebrate a late Christmas with my entire family! It is so relaxing to be surrounded by my family and spend some time with them.  Here are a few photos from our late Christmas!